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A new way to coffee.

What is Ezpresso?

Ezpresso is a pure heavenly coffee, ready to pour over ice, into milk, hot water or your favourite cocktail. The choice is yours, coffee is personal afterall.

How do you use it?

With 10 Ezpresso servings per 250ml bottle, you could have an iced latte, americano or an espresso martini in seconds.

Why should you buy it?

Other than it being super quick to use, delightful to drink and a third of the price of a coffee shop serve, we couldn’t possibly say.

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Where have we bean all your life?

Yes, we know this is the question on most people’s minds when they first taste the smooth aromatic flavours of our espresso coffee. From our origins in New Zealand to the grassy hills of Dorset, via Arabian deserts, we have lived and breathed coffee. Ezpresso was born out of the determination to bring cold-drip espresso coffee to the UK audience.

The technique has ancient origins in Japan and Holland, but we have re-invented it and combined with the best coffee beans from around the world we have created a premium liquid coffee you won’t want to be without.

Our specially selected single origin beans are ethically sourced from Brazil, Mexico, Kenya and Peru. They are then expertly roasted and ground here in Dorset, ready for the cold-drip triple-filter magic to happen.

The finished product is a smooth, aromatic pure coffee that is ready for you to pour. No eco unfriendly pods, complicated coffee machines, or trips to the high street. Just barista beating coffee served however you like, for less than half of the price of a shop-bought pour.

How to use it

1. Pour a 25ml measure of your chosen Ezpresso (50ml for a double shot)

2. Fill a mug or glass with your chosen mixer (ice water, milk, hot water…)

3. Pour in your Ezpresso shot, stir and enjoy! See below for recipe ideas.

“Just having an Ezpresso Kenyan with hot water and oat milk, very nice. Made in about 10 seconds with my hot tap.”
Claire, Director, Dorset
“Have been drinking Ezpresso coffee - compliments to the Kiwis…it’s excellent - and I’m v fussy about coffee!”
Steve H, South West London
“Ezpresso has a beautiful smooth flavour. I love an iced latte with a dash of Baileys... perfect for a summer's day.”
Nicola, Surrey
“Smooth, aromatic and so versatile. It’s like the best coffee you’ve ever tasted with none of the hassle, or cost!”
Vanessa, Creative Lead, London
“This does taste incredible and it’s a bit of a revelation in coffee making too, as it’s so quick and simple.”
Jon, London
“Perfect. A quick way to make my iced latte. All the taste and no fuss!”
Debbie, Designer, Cornwall

Be inspired by our coffee creations using the delicious aromatic flavours from our four signature regions

Introducing our premium single origin coffees



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Discover more



Discover more



Discover more

Not just a pretty bottle

Produced in the UK

Roasted, ground and cold-dripped in Dorset.

Eco friendly packaging

Glass, cork and card. Almost 100% of our packaging can be recycled and or reused.

Ethically sourced

We use ethically sourced beans from environmentally sustainable farms.

Not blended

We use single origin beans for all of our coffees, so that we know the provenance of each batch.

Responsible purchasing

Wherever possible we make the eco friendly choice, even if it means we take a hit to our profits, some things are just too important.

Low energy production

Our product is made using manual ‘handmade’ techniques, meaning we use very little electricity, or other fossil fuel utilities.

Committed to a living wage

All staff are paid the UK recommended living wage or above.

Coffee is for life, not just for breakfast

Click on a recipe to unlock how to get creative with Ezpresso

Warm & Smooth

Caffe Americano

Refreshing Iced Blends

Iced latte

Fabulous Coffee Cocktails

Ezpresso Martini

Deliciously Creative Desserts

Ezpresso Affogato

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